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  1. 1. Introduction
  2. 2. Section 95 support
  3. 3. Section 98 emergency support
  4. 4. Section 4 support
  5. 5. How to apply for support
  6. 6. What happens if support is refused
  7. 7. When Home Office support ends

How to apply for support

Making an application

An application for section 95 or section 4 support needs to be made to the Home Office via an ASF1 form, which is available on the UK Government website. Migrant Help can also assist with completing and submitting applications.

Requests for emergency support will be considered when an asylum claim is made. Migrant Help can assist with section 98 applications where a person has already claimed asylum and has later come to require emergency support. These claims are also made via an ASF1 form.

Applications for section 96 additional support should be made through the completion of an ASF2 form. The ASF2 form can be submitted directly to the asylum support casework team or applicants can contact Migrant Help who can assist with completion and submission of an application.

For more information on how to apply for asylum support please see the government website. You may also wish to seek immigration advice.

When a decision will be made

A determination on eligibility for section 95 support will typically be made within 3 months, during which time section 98 support may be provided. If a section 95 decision is taking longer than 3 months, applicants should contact Migrant Help or the Home Office.

The Home Office aims to respond to a request for section 98 support the same working day and typically accommodation will be provided the same working day or the following day. Particularly vulnerable applicants can have their support expedited.

A decision on section 4 support should be made within five working days unless the Home Office requires further information from the applicant.