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If you have heard about NRPF Connect and your council would like to join, then these are the steps:

  • Identify the people/teams who will require access to NRPF Connect. 
  • Start collecting information about your supported caseloads for initial upload to the system.
  • Decide which service option best suits your council’s needs.
  • Review and sign the NRPF Connect Access Agreement, available on request from the NRPF Network. 
  • Ensure your IT department enables access to the live site.
  • Start benefiting from immigration status checking and case prioritisation services. 

The NRPF Network, in partnership with the service provider LoCTA LTD will:

  • Be available to answer questions about the service. 
  • Set-up your local authority account when the Access Agreement is signed.
  • Facilitate initial upload of data if you prefer to record current caseload information in an excel format, otherwise cases can be added by nominated users after ‘go live’.
  • Provide training to identified users in-line with the service option selected. 

With over 80 local authorities and the Home Office already subscribing, local authorities can have confidence in a secure system that complies with UK GDRP and data protection requirements.  

 Contact us for more information about joining.