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  1. 1. Destitution support
  2. 2. Help for people seeking asylum
  3. 3. Housing and hosting schemes
  4. 4. Support for survivors of domestic abuse

Help for people seeking asylum

People seeking asylum may require support in addition to that provided by the Home Office and Migrant Help. There are many organisations that provide services to anyone in need and organisations which provide specific services for people seeking asylum. People who have recently been granted refugee status may also need support if they are evicted from their asylum support accommodation with only a few days notice. 

Support will vary at a local level but the following national organisations have projects in local areas and can provide advice and assistance to people seeking asylum and/or refugees:  

Organisations that are members of the No Accommodation Network (NACCOM) may be able to provide advice and assistance to people seeking asylum or who have refugee status. See the list of NACCOM members to find a local organisation.

For support finding an immigration adviser or legal representative, people seeking asylum can speak to Migrant Help or refer to our information about how to find an immigration adviser.