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  1. 1. Immigration conditions
  2. 2. What are public funds?
  3. 3. Who has no recourse to public funds (NRPF)?
  4. 4. Who has recourse to public funds?
  5. 5. Section 3C leave
  6. 6. EEA nationals and family members
  7. 7. Confirming immigration status and access to public funds

What are public funds?

For immigration purposes, the term ‘public funds’ applies to: 

Other benefits and public services provided by the government or local councils are not classed as ‘public funds’ for immigration purposes, and therefore can be accessed by a person who has no recourse to public funds. However, to qualify for some services, the person may need to meet immigration-related requirements, or be in receipt of certain benefits. The immigration-related requirements of commonly accessed public services are set out in our rights and entitlements information

See also the Home Office public funds guidance for caseworkers.