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  1. 1. Introduction
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In exceptional circumstances, the Home Office can provide accommodation and financial support under schedule 10 of the Immigration Act 2016 to a person who is subject to immigration bail. Schedule 10 support may be available to a person immediately on release from immigration detention or can be applied for when a person is living in the community.

A person who is subject to immigration bail may be able to access accommodation under schedule 10 when they have no other support available to them, such as section 4 Home Office asylum support. Therefore, schedule 10 support may be a possible support option for a person who is without lawful status in the UK, who has not claimed asylum and does not have children in their care. 

Schedule 10 support is not available to families, who instead would need to find out if they can be supported by children's social care at their local council under section 17 of the Children Act 1989.

What is immigration bail?

A person without lawful status in the UK may be subject to immigration bail as an alternative to being detained. This used to be called 'temporary admission'. When a person is subject to immigration bail they may be required to report regularly to a reporting centre or digitally, have restrictions on work, study, or where they live. A person who is subject to immigration bail will usually be issued with a BAIL 201 form, which will list the conditions they must comply with. 

For further details, see the Home Office information about immigration bail conditions and detailed guidance on immigration bail. See also our information about immigration bail and study conditions.