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NRPF Connect data report archive 2020-2021 

In 2020-2021, 3200 households with no recourse to public funds were provided with accommodation and financial support by 68 councils at a collective annual cost of £57 million.

The 3200 households comprised of:

  • 1636 families, with 2932 dependants, supported by 67 councils at an annual cost of £26.8 million.
  • 708 adults with care needs, supported by 43 councils at an annual cost of £12.9 million.  
  • 856 looked after children and care leavers, supported by 29 councils, at an annual cost of £17.2 million.

Information on the number of households supported, referrals and caseload trends can be obtained from the data tables to the right of this page.


The recommendations made by the NRPF Network in 2021 are set-out below.