Leave to remain with NRPF - change of conditions

      Home Office NRPF policy 

      The 'no recourse to public funds' (NRPF) condition is imposed on most categories of leave to enter or remain. 

      However, if one of the following circumstances applies, recourse to public funds may be granted:

    • The person has provided satisfactory evidence that they are destitute (homeless or unable to meet essential living needs)
    • The person  has provided satisfactory evidence that there are particularly compelling reasons relating to the welfare of a child on account of the parent’s very low income​
    • The person has established exceptional circumstances relating to their financial circumstances 
This only applies to people granted leave to remain in the UK under the following categories:
    • A partner or parent under Appendix FM under the 10-year route to settlement
    • Private life under paragraphs 276BE(1) or 276DG of the Immigration Rules
    • Outside the private life rules on Article 8 grounds under paragraph 276BE(2)
This applies to people who are making first applications or who are applying to extend their leave to remain on a 10-year settlement route.

For full details of the Home Office policy see:

        Change of conditions procedure 

        There is also a Home Office procedure for requesting that leave is varied with the NRPF condition removed when a person's circumstances change after they have been granted leave to remain, or if they met the criteria to be granted recourse at the time that the leave to remain decision was made, but no evidence was submitted to the Home Office to demonstrate this. However, in some instances, a new leave to remain application may need to be made instead, so legal advice should be sought.  
    • Home Office application form ​​
Advice and assistance with a change of conditions application can only be provided by an immigration adviser. See our information​ for help finding an adviser.

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