NRPF Connect delivers savings and efficiencies for local authorities

​14 November 2016

Case resolutions result in cost savings and database modifications support case management

Data from NRPF Connect continues to evidence a declining caseload across local authorities using the database. This article details recent database updates and the support we are providing to local authority users to help get the most out of using the system. 

How the database supports case resolution
Partnership working facilitated by the database between local authorities and the Home Office is proven to resolve cases and support more efficient working practices, as demonstrated in two case examples:

  • A local authority had been providing long standing support to an adult with mental health needs and a complex immigration history. The Home Office team operating the database referred the case to the appropriate case-working unit to progress. Detailed and relevant information was quickly provided by the local authority in response to queries raised on the system enabling the Home Office to reach an informed decision on a highly complex case. The local authority's NRPF team w​ere informed immediately of the grant of leave to remain leading to an efficient transfer to mainstream support. 
  • A local authority was supporting a family where the parent was a Zambrano carer and had made an application in February 2016 for leave to remain under the Immigration Rules. In October 2016, the parent was granted leave to remain with the NRPF condition imposed, despite being financially dependent on the local authority. The local authority immediately raised a query on NRPF Connect outlining the error and the Home Office amended the parent's leave to have recourse to public funds, enabling the matter to be fixed quickly, meaning a change of conditions application was not required.
System updates
The detailed information on caseloads provided by the database allows resources to be targeted on making improvements that aim to reduce local authority spend. Increased use of the database necessitated a number of changes to better support communication and data monitoring over the system. On 25 October 2016 updates were made to the database:

  • New displays on the home page make it easier to ​monitor caseloads and check that the correct cases are showing as being ‘financially’ supported by a team, local authority or individual user.
  • New eight weeks look-back on the home page makes it easier to check the count of new referrals and new cases being dealt with in the last eight weeks of activity.
  • A new queries page makes it easier to identify new queries, with a ‘days-elapsed’ count to ensure responses are dealt with within 10 working days, as set out in the Service Level Agreement.
  • Quick allocation of cases –one click action from search results table or summary page to ensure that ‘your case’ is correctly allocated to you. 
The changes will assist local authorities to establish if their data is accurate, particularly when it comes to recording new referrals and cases being financially supported. Adding finance information (including notes to explain services provided) is important since only the cases recorded as financially supported are treated with priority by the Home Office. 

Guidance for local authorities 
To help local authorities get the most out of using the database and to better understand Home Office processes, see:
This was developed by us in partnership with the Home Office and it is strongly advisable for teams using NRPF Connect to be familiar with the procedures outlined in the guide.

Free NRPF Connect database training
The NRPF Network is providing a free open-access training session for local authority practitioners who are using NRPF Connect on Friday 25 November 2016 from 10.30 to 13.00 at the Tomlinson Centre, Queensbridge Road, Hackney, E8 3ND.

There are 18 places available on a first-come-first served basis. The session will be of benefit for new staff within teams using Connect who have not yet received training and for those who feel they would benefit from a refresher course. 

If you would like to attend the session, please e-mail with details of your name, telephone number and the local authority you work for.

Joining NRPF Connect
All local authorities supporting NRPF cases may consider joining to experience the benefits as outlined in the case examples and to also contribute to the combined efforts of local authorities nationally to work collaboratively to address policy concerns, and evidence caseload and spend.  ​​For more information please contact us